Maybe It’s Just Me.

Does anyone else remember Under the Umbrella Tree? It was one of my favorite Disney Channel shows as a child, and I still sing one of the songs from it to my dog every time I come home.

The show was about a girl named Holly, who lived with three roommates – a blue jay, a gopher and an iguana. It was awesome, even though I knew as a child it was totally improbable. The gopher slept in a potted tree, the iguana slept on a shelf, and the blue jay had a bird house outside. Can you imagine how much poop poor Holly must have had to clean up?

Some other things that I think about all the time that no one else remembers are:

  • Rice Krispies with Marshmallows – they came in a green box, and tasted like heaven. They were real, I know they were!
  • In the realm of TV shows – Noozles, Ocean Girl and Ghostwriter. Sigh, Ghostwriter, how I still wish you were real.
  • Quints! (Which were later followed by Quints cousins – I will sing you the commercial if you want, and yes, I did have the white ones).

What did people do before google? I guess they just went on thinking that they did, in fact, make up all their memories.

In other, totally unrelated news – Broad Street happens next week and I’ve now run enough miles to say with certainty that I probably won’t die. I will be in the slow section (my run is basically a brisk walk for most people), but I will be alive at the end. After which, I plan on eating copious amounts of Mexican food. Join me?


10 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Just Me.

  1. evp says:

    There is no way Holly would have had a boyfriend in this scenario. Can you imagine dating her? That would be completely awful.

    Let’s see:
    1. Her best friends are talking animals
    2. There would no chance for alone time at her place.
    3. They are made of fur so they shed.
    4. Any animal that talks is probably self-righteous so they would constantly judge you
    5. She would have to be home at 8 every night to let the gopher out of it’s pot.

    At least she’s not a cat lady.

      • evp says:

        My wife felt the baby kick two times yesterday. That was the exciting part. The bad part? She hormonal and yells at me about not caring that she bought a red mail holder from IKEA

    • evp says:

      Great, find. I was just watching youtube’s of this cartoon last week!

      I remember I had a car that turned into a boat. For some reason that was epic. I was disappointed how small the actual toys were/are. Remember that?

      Why did they need to wear masks, I forget? Probably embarrassed their toys were a lot smaller than Transformers.

      Also, remember how there were two Ghostbuster cartoons? There was the Real Ghostbusters then there was the Ghostbusters that like had an Ape as the main character. How confusing was that for children?

  2. evp says:

    At least when they created an alternative to Transformers, they had the decency to change the name and make it an obvious rip-off.

    I remember having to buy Gobots because they were so much more inexpensive than Optimus Prime and his comrads.
    I think my mom was mad cuz she finally caved in and bought me a real Transformer once, but I broke the arm off after about 23 minutes. So then I got a steady dose of this:

    • Husband says:

      The fake ghostbusters and the real ghostbusters were on at the same time, which is why they were called the real ghostbusters. The fake ghostbusters quickly realized they can’t be the real one.

      I forgot about the go-bots until just now. I was most transformers growing up.

      My favorite though was the Centurions. I had the green guy. He looks like Burt Reynolds

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